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Astrological consulting: opportunities and limitations.

An astrologer is a strange figure. You donít know how to treat him Ė neither a scientist nor a mage. Is astrology an exact science or a kind of fortune telling? Unfortunately, it is impossible to give an exact definition of astrology nowadays. You can give as many definitions as many schools and trends there are. The only common thing is that all the astrologers depart from certain real parameters Ė motion of celestial bodies. The interpretations differ greatly depending on the trend and the astrologerís personal position. That is why we can not speak of precision. Astrology is a descriptive and interpretative science.

Still, many people would like to know what an astrologer can do and what he can not, why visit an astrologerís consultation, how can an astrological forecast influence a personís life. An astrologer in his work uses the celestial map valid for the moment of birth and the point on Earth where the client was born. This map is called the natal card Ė birth card or individual horoscope.

The natal card contains all the potentialities of a man Ė his talents, abilities, fears, limitations, etc. This information is ciphered in the placement of planets and stars, their mutual influence, other parameters of the horoscope related to the birth place (house of the horoscope). A good astrologer can ďtranslateĒ this information into his clientís language and explain it to him. A bad astrologer shall be telling the client about Lilit and Selena, about the Fortuneís part and the karma, giving him excessive astrological information instead of answers to the clientís concrete questions. Continuing the theme of professionalism in astrological consulting, Iíd like to offer you some features that will help you to differ a professional astrologer from an amateur.
  1. A diploma in astrological education (a necessary but not compulsory condition, i.e., an astrologer with a diploma may not be professional as a consultant).
  2. Psychological education, at least at courses (in that case you may be sure that the astrologer, at least, is acquainted with the rules of consulting).
  3. An astrologer asks you not only for your birth date and place, but also for important events in your life. That means he is going to rectify your card, i.e. define more precisely the time of birth. Amateurs normally do not burden themselves with this fairly complicated procedure.
  4. If during a consultation you start not feeling yourself, itís better not to continue. Why can you feel discomfort? You may have been appreciated, judged, given advice, threatened, ďenlightenedĒ about Good and Evil, Karma and God. An astrologer is no priest and no guru, his competence is to inform a person and not to set him on the right path.
  5. An astrologer who has been working seriously and for a long time has limited admittance time and fixed prices. If your consultation jams for 4 hours Ė something is wrong here. Perhaps the astrologer is getting certain own benefit from communicating with you.

Now about the opportunities of astrology
  1. Natal card interpretation. You may get your portrait, discover at what you are good and at what not, which inner conflicts you have, which reserves for overcoming them, how your psychical apparatus works, which things are comfortable for you and which not, and much more. This is a typical request from parents for their children. They want to know what inclinations does their child have, what kind of person he or she is, what can hurt him or her, how to win his or her favor, to support and soothe him or her. Often parents ask for something like professional orientation. For example, a mother is worried about her sonís indifference. He is not interested in anything, nothing attracts him. After an astrologerís consultation it was discovered that the child had an inclination to proving himself corporally, that he was intuitive and guided more by his feelings than by his reasons. As a result, the child began taking up an incommon martial art, the capoeira, became vivid, robust, and caused no more anxiety in his mother.
    This request Ė individual horoscope interpretation Ė is common among people who are oversensitive to othersí appraisals, especially if the client is often accused of the same, for example of cruelty, yet he or she does not feel cruel and wants to understand why is everything in his or her life like this, making his or her relatives and friends accuse him or her of cruelty. In this case, he or she can ask for such an interpretation.

  2. Compatibility. A most frequently requested method among clients of both sexes. Comparing two horoscopes, an astrologer can see what attracts partners in each other, what alienates them, at which time the pair shall be stable, when conflicts and even a separation is possible. Three horoscopes may also be considered Ė his, hers and a rivalís, - estimate the chances for this or that settlement of the tension in the triangle, i.e., which of the rivals has more chances for success and when this success is most possible. Speaking of the partner, we can give a portrait of an inner ideal, i.e., what one person actually needs from another, who he is looking for. Strange as it may seem, people are often erroneous about what they actually want from their partner, being under the influence of alien opinions or fashion.
    For example, one woman realized at an astrologerís consultation that settled life did not attract her, that at heart she was looking for a partner who would travel around the world himself and take her with him (or theyíd travel together). After that, her feelings toward her fianc? (the relationships with whom were far from the ideal) changed considerably, exactly because he preferred calm and measured life to travels and adventures. More exactly, her feelings became deliberate, and not feelings but their manifestations changed. This woman soon married another man corresponding to her inner (formerly concealed from her) image. Clients often ask to see if his or her marital partner has a romance. An astrologer can say if there is an astrologically conditioned inclination in the given period for love and passion, or even for a divorce, or not, or these fears are a result of astrological influences at the horoscope of the client himself that can create illusions and activate previously concealed fears.

  3. Forecast. In order to make a good forecast, one must know the client fairly well. One has to know his or her reality, the events of his or her life. That is why itís better to make forecasts for patrons addressing an astrologer somehow periodically (for instance, once a month or twice a year Ė astrological accompaniment). Some people become frightened of becoming dependent on the astrologer. This fear is groundless. A good astrologer never predicts anything unambiguously. He rather informs you about the probability of this or that event and describes the tendency of the eventsí developing. An astrological accompaniment is like co-operation between the astrologer and the client. They think together, what this or that expected influence might mean. The astrologer offers a version and the client accepts or denies it and in that way, step after step, they find the most appropriate variant. This is a creative process, but not every client is able to co-operate with the astrologer in that way. A certain cast of psychic and a good intellectual level are needed.

  4. Applied astrology. This definition includes all the simple, concrete questions, mainly choosing a day for this or that event, for example, for concluding an agreement, marriage, big purchases, etc. There is vast statistics about unambiguous interpretations of some influences. For example, there are days when any activity related to communication of any type (phone, mail, travels, negotiations) is doomed to fail.

  5. Medical astrology helps diagnose illnesses and predict its course. An astrologer should by no means undertake a doctorís functions but can inform the client of his vulnerable organs, inclination to this or that illnesses, see periods dangerous for his health and give recommendations for precautions against illnesses. For example, one of the patients had been ill for 3 months and was already close to desperation, as her disease had not been duly diagnosed and was hardly subject to treatment. An astrological analysis revealed the influence that had caused that strange disease. The astrologer, as he explained the situation to the client, at least calmed her with that, showing the cause and the time of the illness. In fact, as soon as the influence that had caused that strange illness ceased, the disease disappeared.

  6. Choosing a place for living and for celebrating a birthday. As a person is far away from the place he was born at, his horoscope becomes somewhat different. This property of the horoscope may be user for those who can choose their residence, fortifying one and weakening other parameters of the horoscope. For example, in Australia some person may have more chances to get married than in the USA. At oneís birthday, an annual astrological program appears, showing some tendencies of the personís life during the period between two birthdays. This program can change depending on where the person celebrates his or her birthday. For example, if he or she celebrates it in Egypt, he or she shall most probably be occupied mainly with his or her family and house, and if he or she celebrates it in Leningrad, a great part of his or her energy and emotions shall become dedicated to work.
    In his or her work, an astrologer uses many astrological methods. In order to give a precise answer to an important question, he or she sometimes has to work alone, consider all the possibilities and to make a decision. That is why itís better to visit an astrologer more than once. The first meeting shall be an acquaintance with the client, his or her life, problems, looking for a common language, describing his or her horoscope, answering the questions the astrologer can answer without additional work. The second meeting shall be a deeper analysis of the horoscope (as the astrologer has already worked with it more precisely), a forecast, conclusions. The astrologer suggests his or her view, based on astrological reality, i.e., supplies the client with information, gives him or her mental pabulum, yet does not override the clientís will and undertakes no responsibility for his or her choice.

    You can always order a horoscope at our specialists.
    For more information call : 917-97-28, 722-35-97 .

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