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    New!Bio-energy massage.
    The method is based on the Law of thermogenesis and energy-conversion efficiency effect as the result of which the rejuvenation of skin occurs naturally. Previous properties and elasticity are restored and as a result the wrinkles vanish from the face. The result is the same as after plastic operation. It concerns not only problem to zones on the face but on the body too.

  • Love and family magic.
    Restoration, conservation and consolidation of the family.
    Momentary spell without faults and health hazard. 100% result! The problem-solving of love love-triangle. The strongest driving away of rivals. Removing from the husband off all magic. Forever! Celibacy crown taking off. Ceremonies for attraction. Family relations harmonization.

  • Clairvoyance.
    Foretell of our future (the past, the present, the future) and the detailed answers to the exciting questions. Information concerning your relatives who you are interested in (on the basis of the photo).

  • Cartomancy, Tarotmancy, cards Lenorman, Fleecemancy.
    Fleecemancy is the method of connection with internal forces which form our future in compliance with the choices and decisions made in the past. It help us to see the formation of energy flows changing the outer world and to predict the consequences of these changes. During the Fleecemancy the essential spiritual powers of runes have an effect in the situation which the person is trying to resolve; it is the part of subconscious process. The rune which you choose form the snap of your energetic field prevailing in the dynamics of time for any situation. The runes dont show the actions which will happen but direction of certain actions and their potential consequences. So the future is not predetermined. Changing the manner of perception of situation and reaction the person can change course of events in favorable direction.

  • Chiromancy
    Interpretation of lines, of tubercles of palm predicting the destiny and answering to the following questions : What is your destiny? How can you change you destiny? What is your future? Whom can you choose as a partner? Which capacities of child can you develop? You can answer to these questions by looking on the palm.

  • Charms and ceremonies for luck attraction, money, increase in profits and improvement of commerce.
    There are ceremonies and charms which open the canals connecting with energy, forming the bio-field in order to attract luck.

  • Making of talismans, amulets, periapts.
    Talisman is the symbol, making by Magician for you, in it a magic power is concentrating. It is not the object which give the power to the holder but the power of Magician which is in it.

    Directions of work:
    1. Talisman for love
    2. Attraction of man
    3. Attraction of woman
    4. Talisman for marriage
    5. Talisman for protection of family
    6. Talisman for self protection
    7. Talisman for cash flows
    8. Career, protection of direction
    9. Liberty in business
    10. Talisman for commerce
    11. Change (of something)
    12. For trouble shooting
    13. For children against fear, psychosis
    14. Talisman for studies, examinations
    15. For entering to Institution of Higher Education
    16. Housing problem
    17. Talisman for protection of house
    18. Talisman for car
    19. Talisman for security guards/hunters
    20. Divine help in respect of judicial questions/talisman for jurist
    21. Talisman for driving away of a person
    22. Help and protection

    As well as:
    1. Intuition
    2. Wisdom
    3. Magic power
    4. Initiation
    5. Protection against occult threats

  • Correction of destiny.
    Determination and hoodoo killing and evil eye removing. Cleaning and reestablishment of bio-field.
    Killing of damnation, of family damnation, solitude seal

  • Bio-energy correction
    Treatment by vital energy; killing of depressing and sickly condition with the following activation of vital potential.

  • Killing of spells.
    The spells can differ in their force and directionality: spell for loss of relatives, spell for hard drinking, for vain commerce, for sterility, for solitude, for poverty, for loss of money, for sickness, divorce and so on.

  • Release from depressions, stresses, fears, frights.
    Reestablishment of psychological balance, removing of complexes and rise of self-attitude.

  • Release from alcohol addiction (smoking, correction of weight only in personal presence)
    Influence on human subconsciousness. As the result there appears the aversion or indifference to drinks (tobacco, food) without any negative side effects.

  • Consultation concerning the choice of child name.
    The name forms the character and relationship with the surrounding people. The parents often give to the children their parent names, the names of their grandmothers and grandfathers names wishing to see their children as clever, strong and good-looking as their grandmothers and grandfathers and so on. It appears to be possible and the scientists established that every song of human speech has defined subconscious meaning and influences on psychical state of a person. We will help you to choose a name for your child on the basis of latest development of psycholinguistics.
  • Help in solving of problems with children.
    Correction of children behaviour in school, in family, development of interest to studies. Elimination of influence of bed company.

  • Energy informational diagnostics.
    Different diagnostics of all sphere of life (private life, business, financial flows and energy), with the following recommendations for changing the situation. Diagnostics will show what is happening and why.Clearness is the first step to the improvement. Everyone of us is able to change the event if we know what will go after it.

  • Business forecast.
    Solving of business development problems. Help in choice of more perspective line of work and so on.

  • Creation of powerful defense against any negative influences.
    Complex consisting in concentration of energy layer of aura.

  • Churinga for animals.
    Animals protection against negative influences, attraction to the holder, against loss.

  • Horoscope

  • Bio-energy massageNew!
    People always wanted to look younger, than they are, irrespective of age and prosperity, genetically and astrologically determined factors.

    Of course we are different and everyone has personal concept of beauty and it conservation everyone has personal level of values.

    Our external state: feelings and sensations, which we have because of natural physiological process, can not enjoy us. Only we our-selves can decide how it is important for us:
    • to look younger than we are
    • to hear deserved appreciation and admiration
    • to feel raising of vitality in every organism

    Now we can deviate from stereotyped traditional opinion about inevitable old age, to have unexpected effects after bio-energy massage: contact massage of biologically active points and non-contact massage.

    You will feel that your body rejuvenates and clears, increases in tone, that your skin renews and smoothes.

    The balance is recovered by natural methods in accordance with traditional ancient technologies.

    Natural treatment influences all organism and changes our life.

    In China people believe in happy and unhappy faces, take attention to the points which point to the riches, luck and health. The face can change during the time. It is important to take attention to the physical body and to the luck, which we create ourselves.

    Prepare you skin for considerable changes, you will have considerable energy impulse, be sure in your beauty.

    The authors methodic which is in the basis of Bio-energy massage the result of ancient traditional and modern knowledge and notions in medicine, psychology and parapsychology.

    The methodic is based on the Law of thermogenesis and on the effect of energy-conversion efficiency as a result of this methodic the skin naturally rejuvenates. Previous qualities and elasticity recreate and as a result the wrinkles disappear from the face. The result is the same as after plastic operation and it concerns problem zones not only on the face but on the body too.

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