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People's healer of Russia bioenergotherapeutist, astrologer, specialist in eastern medicine having working practice in Europe.
She has medicine, economic and music education.
She inherited her gift both from her mother and her father (Family of Healers and Sorcerers).

     She possesses many methodes (procedures, including ENYOPSYCHOSUGGESTION, different types of contact and non-contact massage, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), numerology, TARO, honori-therapy (Su-djok), Palmistriya, FEN-CHUI. She possesses elements of clairvoyance.

     She is an inquisitive, active and energetic person. Tatiana Anatolievna tries to discover and explain her sensory capacity and abilities with the help of scientists.

     Tatiana Anatolievna participated in unique scientific experiments, performed by the head of medical-biological laboratory of the center ENIOM candidate of medical science V.I.Kartsev under the program Protection of cosmonauts against radiation. The experiments were made in the laboratory of medical-biological problems of the Preparation Center of Cosmonauts. Radiation resistance of laboratory animals was explored after the psychics influence. In the course of the experiment the group of laboratory animals (mice) was exposed to the bioenergetical influence of the psychic and after that they were exposed to the lethal dose of radiation (1 experiment) or (second experiment) at first the mice were exposed to the lethal dose of radiation and then they were exposed to the bioenergetical influence of bioenergotherapeutist. The mice of the control group were exposed only to the radiation and not to the psychics influence. All these mice died. A part of mice survived after they were exposed to the bioenergotherapeutist influence.

     After the experiment made by Tatiana Anatolievna Dorofeeva all of the mice survived. The results of this experiment were published in Russia and abroad, and were reported on some scientific conferences (The results of the experiment).

     All this facts change our ideas about human resources and potential. Correct strategy, an enormous potential and individual approach turn dreams to reality.

     Times and people change but the questions (problems) of conservation of beauty, health, success remain in our life.

     The authors method of Dorofeeva Tatiana Anatolievna let us find new practial ways.

     The state of deregulation of organism in which the natural harmony is lost because of stresses, social causes, work, negative energy, is particularly dangerous. It results in depressions, panic, failures in private life, lost of the business.

     By means of removing of the blockings and their results the method permits to improve the health and viability of organism and remove the external signs.

     The results will have long-term character and surpass all our expectations.

Visiting the specialist

     Prior to the energy cleaning and the removal of negative influence Tatiana Anatolievna works over main personal, patrimonial, family problems and deal with energo-karma problems.

     She looks for the possible influence of child traumas. Its important for the deliverance from complexes, phobias and problems. It brings us to profound, positive changes and to a new level of harmony with world, to mental and ) physical health and changes in the human relations. Difficult situations are corrected, negative programs are removed.

     Charms for womans attraction attract the lover, make the family happy and the woman loved and attractive and sure about the future.

     Charms for protection of people, animals, cars, movables and immovables against bio-field influence, robbing, driving away, safe off accidents, troubles.

     The name talismans, bioenergized during the rite, are the additional protection and support in achieving of love, health, business.

     The method of psychological programming serves to the achievement of financial success, activation of financial potential, successful development of business. The compatibility of business-partners and business perspectives are improved.

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